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2015 Jeep Renegade Makes North American Premiere in New York [Video] [Live Photos]


Marketed as the “most capable small SUV”, the all-new Renegade is the first small sport-utility vehicle produced by the American brand. Prices for the “baby Jeep” will start at a little over $18,500 and work their way up into the high 20s, with first U.S. deliveries to commence at the end of the year. Let’s talk about engine options first, shall we? The all-new B-Segment SUV is offered with a choic…

Indian Motorcycle Dealership Opens in Sturgis


Indian Motorcycle will soon be “coming home” to Sturgis, as a dealership will soon be opened in Sturgis, South Dakota at 2106 Lazelle Street. The new Indian dealership is supposed to receive its first guests and customers on May 1st, with the showroom offering a complete range of services from bike sales to service and selling branded apparel, as well. The man behind the new Indian Motorcycle Sturgis is Bruce Eide, and…

Opel Says the Cascada Convertible Is a Great Wedding Car


Organizing a wedding is a pretty complicated thing, not to mention stressful for the misses. There’s the dress, the flowers, the bridesmaids and all the other nicknacks they worry about. One thing brides usually don’t consider though is the car, not a trivial matter for a perfect event. The London cab and the stretched limo are overuses, so instead one of Germany’s automakers suggests its new convertible is the best altern…

Saleen-Tuned Tesla Model S Coming Summer 2014


The American specialty manufacturer of high performance vehicles just released the first sketches of the manic Saleen Tesla Model S. Saleen Automotive announced that the first Saleen Tesla Model S will be completed during the Summer of 2014. Let’s start with the big news, shall we? In terms of mechanical enhancements, the Saleen version of the EV sports saloon is expected to blitz the range-topping

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